Welcome to Sai Bhakti Dham Mandir

Shri Sai Bhakti Dham Mandir is a charitable organization founded with the sole purpose of promoting Hindu philosophy and culture. It lays emphasis upon rich Indian traditions and culture.

As proud Hindus we feel a need to introduce our glorious past to the new generations and to all those interested in the religious heritage of India. We wish to achieve this purpose by presenting the literary work of our great saints such as Jnyaneshvar, Eknath, Namdev, Tukaram, and many others. In doing so we wish to follow the tradition of Bhakti-marg as advocated by these visionary thinkers.
The temple welcomes people from all communities to pursue its noble cause and so far it has received an encouraging response. There are several projects undertaken by the temple that provide different facilities to the Hindu community and foster a spirit of unity